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Is your refrigerator or any of your house hold appliances broken, and you Need a Moss Bluff Appliance Repair Service? AppliancePro technicians service most appliance makes & models.

The Top 2 reasons most refrigerators stop cooling:

What are the signs of a bad refrigerator Compressor?

A major sign that you have a bad compressor is a consistent kicking on and off of the unit. Typically you’ll hear a constant “humming”, if you do not, your compressor might be going out.

Our technicians know all the types of problems that can occur in the event of a refrigerator failure. Their long experience allows them to find the problem quickly and proceed to repair your refrigerator on the spot or order missing parts without delay. By contacting Appliance Repair Lake Charles LA you benefit from an expertise for the repair of refrigerator, but also of our help and our advices. Our goal is to allow you to quickly enjoy your fridge again and avoid the loss of your chilled and frozen products.

Whether your refrigerator has a problem with the heat source, the regulation or an aggregate problem, that is to say the ammonia circuit, you can count on our experts. Refrigerators of all brands and all kinds have no secrets for us. Since we know how the equipment works, we are in the best position to carry out high quality repairs. We can do most repairs with new or used parts. Our long history in the field allows us to quickly find the best suppliers to get the necessary
parts, regardless of the brand of your refrigerator.

At AppliancePro, we are committed to guaranteeing fast and high quality repairs. So after our visit, your device will be in excellent condition for a long time and you will not have to shell out another fridge repair before long. In addition, all our technicians are friendly and respectful of your
home and your devices. Our policy is to provide you with first class service at all times.

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